Why do greek characters not get displayed in dhtmlxGrid

Here is a snippet of my xml file -

This should result in a greek Sigma character to be displayed in the grid. However, in the grid it is displayed as:


What seems really strange is that when I inspected the table element using Firebug, it showed the table element as:


which in a regular html file would display as a real greek character …

Do you know what I can do about this??



The problem can be caused by used encoding - please be sure that you XML file have correct encoding set
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="here" ?>
I really don’t sure which encoding used to store greek characters.
Basically you can use UTF encoding ( which can be used against any charset in theory ) - but in such case you need to be sure that you XML file saved|genarated as UTF and that page in browser loaded with UTF encoding as well