Why drag and drop task very slow


why drag and drop task slow when load data more 5000 task form database my sql


Hello Weerayut,
You shouldn’t have performance issues while dragging a task if you have the 6.2.x version with 5000 tasks. Here is an example:
However, when you release the mouse button, Gantt might hang for a while because it needs to update all 5000 tasks.

If you use the additional task layer functionality, that might be related to the issue because the smart rendering doesn’t work for the additional layers. The dev team will add it in future versions.

Also, if you upgraded the 6.1.x or older version and added the smart rendering extension file, you need to remove it. Starting from the 6.2.0 version, the smart rendering is part of the dhtmlxgantt.js file. So, when you connect the old extension, it overwrites the performance improvements.

If that doesn’t help you, please reproduce the issue in the snippet, then click on the “Share” button and send me the link:
Or send me an HTML file with all the necessary Javascript and CSS files.


thanks for answer
Can i show loading modal while updating all 5000 tasks :joy::joy:


Hello Weerayut,
There is no built-in way to do that, you need to implement a custom solution.
First of all, you need to define after which events you want to show the modal. You can find more information about the events on the following page:

Here is an example with the modal image that is displayed when Gantt loads tasks:


thanks for answer
I would like to update 1000 tasks. Can make it faster?