Why I can not download V 7.1.11 pro free-trail version?

I enter into a null page where I click the button which shows that can download the Gantt 7.1.11 pro free-trail version! what is wrong with it?

Probably, it was a moment when there were the server-side issues. But now everything works correctly.

but I can download successfully the standard version when I can not download the PRO version every time. I try to download it today, it still can not be downloaded successfully!

Please contact our Sales team via info@dhtmlx.com and leave a request for DHTMLX Gantt PRO trial, they will help you.

Hi @ArtyomBorisevich. Can you please share the solution here? It might help beginners later?

It was a unique case, when something (firewall, provider …) is blocking our link to some users. If someone faces this issue, feel free to contact us via info@dhtmlx.com

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