Why image arrow navigation is moving?

How can I fix this?

When I press the image arrow navigation the image is moving to the center, but I think that image must located on the right.

And why the skin “modern” there aren’t navigation button.


Could you attach the sample that reproduces the problem?

Can you help me?

<?xml version='1.0'?> <tabbar hrefmode='iframes-on-demand'> <row> <tab id='tab1' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=525'>3.4.1</tab> <tab id='tab2' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=526'>3.4.2</tab> <tab id='tab3' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=527'>3.4.3</tab> <tab id='tab4' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=528'>3.4.4</tab> <tab id='tab5' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=529'>3.4.5</tab> <tab id='tab6' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=530'>3.4.6</tab> <tab id='tab7' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=531'>3.4.7</tab> <tab id='tab8' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=532'>3.4.8</tab> <tab id='tab9' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=533'>3.4.9</tab> <tab id='tab10' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=534'>3.4.10</tab> <tab id='tab11' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=535'>3.4.11</tab> <tab id='tab12' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=536'>3.4.12</tab> <tab id='tab13' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=537'>3.4.13</tab> <tab id='tab14' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=538'>3.4.14</tab> <tab id='tab15' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=539'>3.4.15</tab> <tab id='tab16' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=540'>3.4.16</tab> <tab id='tab17' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=541'>3.4.17</tab> <tab id='tab18' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=542'>3.4.18</tab> <tab id='tab19' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=543'>3.4.19</tab> <tab id='tab20' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=544'>3.4.20</tab> <tab id='tab21' width='100px' href='sub_crea_grid.cfm?id=545'>3.4.21</tab> </row> </tabbar>

<div id="a_tabbar1" style="width:395px; height:390px;"/>
tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar("a_tabbar1", "top");

I check this, and the problem is when is load the tabbar, when I click the arrow, the arrow is moving to another place. And when I click a tab does’nt move the arrow. How can I load the first tab, because when I load the tabbar it is empty.


For the solution of this issue you need to set your first tab active in your xml file by the next way:
(to add “selected=‘1’”)