Why my code did not work for tabbar.setSkinColor


I tried to set costom skin color for tabbar using following codes, but I could not get same result as the result like your sample code (ref:JavaScript/HTML5 Tab Control with Rich API - dhtmlxTabbar).

function initMainTabMenu(){

tabMenuBar = layout.cells("b").attachTabbar("top");;



I found that:
1)if using dhx_skyblue skin for tabbar, it did not work, pls ref to pic 1.
2)if using other skin like dhx_blue,or dhx_black, it works, but it will show its background color of tabbar not like your sample code which is white or transparent for tabbar header bar,pls ref to pic2.
3)I download the sample code of 02_colors.html and run it in my pc, I could not get the result like in your demo site, pls ref to pic3.

Could you help me to check why my codes did not work?


Custom color can be applied only to the tabbar with the default skin.

tabMenuBar = layout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar(“top”);;

Hello Alexandra

I did as your advice, but I still did not get the same result as your sample in demo site. please see my attached pic. it is even worse than set skin as “dhx_blue”. there is gap between header and content zone which is not fill color properly. Another point, if only the “default” skin can be applied to tabbar, it is hard to let the tabbar skin work with other components. ie. there are different color and style between the components. if I set the skin as “default” for all the components in my app, the many componets of my codes will not work.

You may also try to modify the skin using skin builder: