Why no left border on month view?

I spent a few hours yesterday trying to determine why the month view had no left border on the calendar. I assumed that I had an issue with bootstrap or my own style rules that was over-riding the left border but I was incorrect. The demo on the dhtmlxScheduler site has no left border either. It’s just not noticeable as the demo is set to 100% width and height. If you use browser dev tools to change the width to a lesser value it is immediately visible. I can’t imagine a scenario where one would want the month calendar view to not have a left border. Is this a bug? An oversight? Can we get a patch for the CSS? I’ll work on patching the CSS myself but I just wanted some feedback on this issue.

It is by design. The scheduler has not bottom border as well.
When you are using full-screen init, or placing the scheduler in the DHTMLX container - those borders are not necessary.

You can change it by adding something like next

.dhx_multi_day, .dhx_cal_header, .dhx_cal_data{ border-left:1px solid silver; }

This fix does not seem to work for me, when I use this it pushes the right hand border outside of the visible box and then it does not display.

There should an option to correctly show borders around the whole calendar, or they should just always show, I can not think of a reason not to show them.

the border around the whole calendar can be added right to the container element, it shouldn’t break any display:

.dhx_cal_container{ border: 1px solid #ececec; /* optional*/ box-sizing: border-box; }

That works a little better though you can still clearly see that the left side of the calendar has a single line border while the right side has a thicker double line.

Honestly I think it needs to be fixed. There is no point to not have a border on the left side.


I would still like to see this fixed properly, it is an ugly looking but on an other wise beautiful product.

Please see your own demo page for an example:
View this sample and switch it to month view, looks terrible.

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … cture.html

The fixes on the forum are poor and also look terrible, the calendar should be properly sized with a consistent boarder around the outside.

Please let me know how I can escalate this as a bug.

I think it can be fixed with a bit more of styling, check the next snippet