Wicket integration

Does anyone have any experience of using javaplanner with wicket at all ?

Would be really interested in talking.

unfortunately we don’t have experience of using JavaPlanner with wicket for now.
Maybe we will provide a demo in future.


I’m also interested with wicket integration, have you had any progress with sample code ?

No progress for now.
Actually you may try to implement it yourself.
JavaPlanner needs to output its code at page and link for loading/saving events.
So you should:

  1. Unpack javaplanner sources (js/css/images) on server in such way that they could be accessable from html-page. Add javaplanner.jar in build path.
  2. Add code generated by javaplanner.render() at page where calendar must be shown.
  3. Add another url which returns json-text generated by eventsManager.run()