Widget, when no events, show notifcation

Using the scheduler, i encountered a little problem.

When there are no soon to be upcoming events, like in holidays, something breaks up the sidebar a bit.


The sidebar should be filled with yellow color all the way, and that is the case when there are events published there. But, since it is a school website, during the holidays, there is nothing to display. So, there are no events there, and the sidebar goes crazy.

I tried to find out why, but, even if i find out, i would like to have a little notification like,

“there are no upcoming events for now”

instead of “nothingness” there is now when there are no events…

I have not that much experience with coding, but, willing to learn, and, i think it just means putting in some line somewhere, but, where? i have no idea, nor do i know how that line should look like, codewise.