Width of the time selectors in the lightbox is too big


i’m working with dhtmlxgantt for the first time and I have a problem I can’t resolve : the width of the time selectors in the lightbox is too big and I can’t find why is this happening.

My lightbox is very simple :

gantt.config.lightbox.sections = [ {name:"description", height:108 , map_to:"text", type:"textarea",focus:true}, {name:"time", height:72, type:"duration", map_to:"auto", time_format:["%d","%m", "%Y", "%H:%i"]} ];

However this is the result : i.imgur.com/rvgYdjr.png
i can’t even see the selectors for hours and seconds.

Here is the whole code of my gantt : pastebin.com/bircVtCk

Thank you for your help.

Edit : When I navigate in the light box with tab I can see the selector for hour/minute, however this is the only way to see it : i.imgur.com/shY0QIj.png


Unfortunately, I can’t see your .css file. According to attached screenshot I can suggest that you have set the same width to all input fields with type ‘select’. Something like this: