Will the Timeline view have Drag and Drop?

I cannot drag and drop in the time line view using the default sample. It doesn’t have read only specified, so wondering if this is an upcoming feature or if I am missing something?

Thanks, great job!

Current version doesn’t provide d-n-d ability in the Timeline view.
It will be added in next version for sure.


When this version will be available?

It will be included in next major update, which is planned on August 2010


Is it possible to add an event by clicking on the timeline view ? because i can’t do anything on it, and you say that the next release come on august do you have a date ?

Sorry if my english is not good.


Next version will be released at end of August 2010 , and ability to dnd events in timeline view is one of features , which will be included in that release.

Is it possible to add an event by clicking on the timeline view
You can use existing event system to add custom reactions

scheduler.attachEvent("onCellDblClick", function (x, y, a, b, event, value, position){ var obj = scheduler.matrix[scheduler._mode]; scheduler.addEventNow({ start_date: obj._trace_x[x], end_date: obj._trace_x[x+1], section_id: obj.y_unit[y].key }); });

Thanks !

Now i can add events but i’ve got another problem with your code, the start_date, end_date and section_id is not correct.

Can you help me please ?

Problem confirmed, existing version provides incorrect y value for the onCellDblClick handler.
Fixed version will be available as part of next version.

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