will your controls work with morfik?

I am using morfik which is a ajax compiler. Will your dhtmlxgrid components and the others work with this development system?



problems with dhtmlx work won’t occur in this case. But there isn’t any special intergration for morfik.

I regret I do not understand your answer.  Perhaps you are saying that due to problems with dhtmlx it will not work with Morfik, and that you have not done any speical integration to make it work with morfik.

Please, can you give me more details and instructions as to how i can use it.




We meant that there shouldn’t be problems with dhtmlx and morfik.

The examples with dhmlx components can be found on our website dhtmlx.com/docs/products/docsExp … mples.html. Moreover samples are included into the package of each component.

I am glad that they do work with morfik. But. have you examples of how they actually appear in morfik and how i might add them to their system to appear in their designers



there isn’t ready integration for morfik. But using dhtmlx components (javascript) can’t cause conflicts with morfik. Please have a look at the examples.