Win10 Firefox 44.0 problem

Hi I have a new PC ( 2 week )
Windows 10 pro updated
Firefox 44.0
Combox work bad for example : … _data.html
On selection the value appears instead of the label .
Only if I click 2 times , then it appears the label.
with edge work fine .


works fine localy in FF under Win10
any change you can record a vide and try other browsers?

Hi Andrei ,
I made the video, but “The extension mp4 is not allowed” for upload :confused:
I understood the cause of the problem :
this component FF Easy Google Translate 1.34.1-signed … e/?src=api

if I do I disable this component, combo works fine …

here’s the zip file containing the mp4 .

best regards (139 KB)


pleasse find attached screenshot - this is combo’s inner html

when you change focus (i.e. select an option and the go away from input), translate_addon grabs value from 1st hidden input and put it into 1st input with class=‘dhxcombo_iput’ which is visible for user

think you’d better find translate addon’s forum