Window Becomes Transparent


I’m using a Pro v3.6 of DHTMLX, having an issue with DHTMLX Window
My First implementation depends on hiding the window instead of closing it, so no need to recreate each time , but i noticed that it shows for the first time ok , but if hidden then i try to show it back it displays with transparent header and body (images attached) even when modal
so i took another approach to create/close the window each time it’s needed, but still the issue exist.

The Code :

StoryImportWindow = null ; StoryImportWindow = MainWindows.createWindow("stImportWin", 0 , 0 , 800 , 500 ); StoryImportWindow.setModal(1); StoryImportWindow.setText('User Stories Import Window'); StoryImportWindow.denyResize(); StoryImportWindow.centerOnScreen(); StoryImportWindow.button('park').hide(); StoryImportWindow.button('minmax1').hide(); StoryImportWindow.attachURL("/php/stImportSheet.php?ID="+ProjID);

NOTE : the php script renders a DHTMLX spreadsheet inside the window
Thanks in advance

We need completed demo because we need to instect it. … leted_demo
Please, plrovide it with the link to this topic on


Thank you for your reply !
I understand the need for a demo to be able to replicate(unless the issue is known), but i apologize , as you understand events take place in a dynamic way (among others), so it’s hard to recreate the exact circumstances in the demo

i did a comparison between the two states (normal & transparent ) and found that:
In the transparent one : The DIV with “dhtmlx_wins_body_outer” class is missing the following css rule

.dhtmlx_skin_dhx_skyblue div.dhtmlx_window_active div.dhtmlx_wins_body_outer { background-color: #C2D5DC; background-image: url("imgs/dhxwins_dhx_skyblue/active/header_bg.gif"); background-position: center top; background-repeat: repeat-x; border: 1px solid #A4BED4; left: 0; overflow: hidden; position: absolute; top: 0; }

I’d much appreciate if you have a clue why might that happen , or how i may fix
Thanks Again


i found that i need to put
every time before i create the window

leading to another question :slight_smile: : what does the complete package (dhtmlx.js , dhtmlx.css ) exactly contain ( i sometimes need to add extra files like dhtmlxform_item_container.js , ftypes.css ,… to get some features correctly working)
is there a refrence?



  1. skin must be set in every component
  2. you need to include all the files you have (including all css diles for correct work)
  3. dhtmlxform_item_container.js is added in 3.6 version (if you have 3.5 and less you need to add not only this file, but all form (and form item) related js files