Window border not show after user-defined viewport


I want to show a normal popup window with the skyblue style border by using user-defined viewport.

If I define


the window is shown normally.

But if I define

dhxWins.enableAutoViewport(false); dhxWins.setViewport(0, 0, $(document).width, $(document).height);
the window has no more his border.

Could you help me please?

You need
dhxWins.setViewport(0, 0, $(document).widthb[/b], $(document).heightb[/b]);

Hello Darya,

Thank you for your response. But I tried

it shows an error

There is no issue locally
window.rar (31.5 KB)

Thank you for the attachement. It works! My order of dhtmlxwindows settings was not correct.

You are welcome!