Window Bring to top


Hi. I’ve a simple question. How can i bring to top a window if i’ve many window open on screen?
For example, if I have two overlapping windows, how can I move one window over the other without click over them? Is there a function for this?

Tks in advance



Calling method to the opened window will bring it to the top.


Hi, not work. See the snipped

tks in advance



Working well with the latest build:
Please, try to use the latest version of the dhtmlxSuite.


ok, but this recharge the content of window and this is a problem. There are not an api only for change focus?

tks in advance



There is no other solution.
Also, please, note that the content of the window is not reloading in this case. You may check it typing something in the input placed inside the window and swapping the windows: