Window can't be moved vertically


I am trying to put a window on my page (which is a layout), and I can’t move it vertically at all.

I’m also trying to centerOnWindow() it, and it refuses to move.

Stepping through the code, it appears to have the right values in _CenterWindow(), and then passes it to this._engineFixWindowPosInViewport

This function then checks: if (win.y + hh > this.vp.offsetHeight) {

However, this.vp.offsetHeight is set to 0 (not sure where it’s set in the first place).

This causes the if statement to be set to -32 (or whatever the header is), and then ‘fixed’ to 0.

Any ideas?

I’ve tried it without the layout too, and also have the same problem:

It is necessary to set a style to the page:

html,body { height: 100%; margin: 0px; overflow: hidden; }

It must solve the issue