Window close problem on IE8


I’m using dhtmlxWindow library

I have a main page1 that opens another page another page2 in the window using the url.

In page 2 I have this script which runs on page load…

parent.popupWindow.window(“w1”).attachEvent(“onClose”, function()
doBeforeClose() ;

The close button (cross icon on the top) works when I have not saved (page refreshes on save) anything on page2.

But it is not closing the window when I have saved something on page 2 and shows the error as “Can’t execute code from a freed script”, only on IE8.
(clicking save button on page 2 goes to another process page (page 3) and after saving the details it redirects to page 2, in other words page 2 will be refreshed after saving)

looks like something is happening when the page get refeshed which may be stoping the window to close, dont’ know.

This is happening only on IE8 and other browsers are working fine.

Could you please help me to solve this?


May be you can provide us a demo to test your issue locally? … leted_demo