Window over lightbox

can’t get window over lightbox

try ti use zIndex=20000;
nothing happend

the modal overlay and the lightbox has z-indes of 10000 and 10001 respectively.

Note that they are located at the top level of page body, e.g. they are direct childs of
Since the dhtmlxWindow is displayed inside the ‘viewport’ element, you need to amend the position and the z-index of the viewport as well as the window

The final layout structure will be similar to this fiddle, supposing the #div1 is the lightbox and #div2 and #inner are the viewport with the window

interesting but i using Layout, not div

That shouldn’t really change the case.
The issue you get is caused by the browser works with absolute positioned elements
The lightbox and modal overlay elements are always located directly in the element. I don’t know how you initialize dhtmlxWindow in your application, but you can check where the dhtmlxWindow view port and a popup located relatively to the lightbox element.
Most probably the viewport element (which is a regular div, as well as the ligthbox and the modal overlay) is also defined as a child of , and you could try applying css like in fiddle to check if it will solve the problem

[code]addp= new dhtmlXWindows();

	addp.setViewport(0, 0, 2000, 2000, document.body); = "20000";[/code]

see it over lightbox …