Window Progress Indicator

Cannot understand how to show progress indicator for dhtmlxWindow…
In documentation the following is provided: dhxWins.window(id).progressOn();
but indicator is not shown with this method. This method calls _engineSwitchWindowProgress which change display setting for div with class “dhtmlx_wins_progress”. If I understand properly the idea of that method is to show/hide div with background image of progress indicator. But I couldn’t find any style rule in dhtmlxwindows.css or any progress indicator images in the dhtmlxWindows folder. Just empty div “dhtmlx_wins_progress” is created for this purpose, but it has no “progress indication”.
Could you please explain how to use this method, may be any additional css shall be attached?
Thank you in advance.

I found css rule and image also exists :blush:
I lost image when replaced folder from skin builder.
My fault, please disregard this topic.
I’m really sorry :blush: