Window won't close when a layout is attached in IE11


I have some windows in my application and users can close them by clicking the ‘x’ in the right hand corner. I tested it out in different browsers and it works fine, except in IE11. I downloaded the hot fix files but that didn’t solve it.

You can test it by opening your own example: [url][/url]
in IE11. There it won’t work either.

Is there a workaround for this? Although I always strongly advice against it, there are still users that use IE as their default browser.


We’ve update files. Please, try to open again.

I opened the above link in IE 11 again but it still won’t let me close the window by clicking the x.

Locally it works after update files. Try to clear your cache.


It does work now indeed. Which file do I have to replace on my server and where do I get it?


If you have standart version - you can download the whole suit and update it all.


I have the same problem. We have the 3.6 PRO edition which was updated with the patch.
I replaced the dhtmlxwindows.js file with the one from the standard edition which I just downloaded.

This doesn’t solve the problem. I also noticed that the dhtmlxwindows.js in the downloaded archive dates from before this thread.
Is there another file (or version of dhtmlxwindows.js) that I need to solve this?

kind regards,
Arno Vanbeginne.

I have the same problem. We have the 3.6 PRO edition which was updated with the patch.

Do you use the PRO version 3.6 build 131108? This build includes hotfixes for IE11.

If you user earlier build, please contact sales [at] and ask for the update. Please provide your license number in your email.


the newer build works. Strange though that the patch didn’t solve this.

kind regards,
Arno Vanbeginne