Window y position does not move window down when scrolling

I have a page where you have to scroll down a ways before you click on something that opens a new window. It seems that no matter what number I put in for the y position, it will only go so far down on the page.
dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();
var FrtCsWin = dhxWins.createWindow(“freight_case”, x_pos, y_pos, 400, 300);

I also tried the centerOnScreen() function, but that centers it on the screen as if you haven’t scrolled down on the page, so now the user has to scroll up to the top to see the popup window. I found this forum topic related to this, and it still appears to be a problem: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13668&p=40156&hilit=createWindow+scroll

How can I make a window display further down on the page (after scrolling down)?

Thanks for any help on this issue.

It is quite hard to help you now wothout your page settings.
Could you provide us your page code?

Sure. I have pasted the source of my generated page below. You click on the numbers in the Frt/Case column to get the window popup. At the top of the page, it is fine; as you scroll down the page, the window still pops up at the top of the screen, even though it is passing a larger y position amount. [Unfortunately, this forum will not let me paste in the entire page. There are approximately 100 rows in the table, but I can’t paste them all here, so I only included a few. You’ll have to copy and paste some of the existing table rows so that you can scroll down the long page to see the effect. I hope that makes sense.]

Again, I have seen this mentioned in other forum topics, but there still seems to be no resolution or fix for this problem?

Thanks for your help.

Liquidation Backup #amt { text-align: right; }

#qty {
text-align: right;

#t {
text-align: right;
#c {
text-align: right;

Liquidation Backup

Lot #SBC000417

Type Ship Dt Inv # Inv Date Customer Qty Sold Unit Price Ext Price Frt/ Case Ext Freight Rbt/ Case Ext Rebate Misc/ Case Ext Misc Net Price Avg per Case

R 04/04/14 23717300 04/04/14 COSTCO WHOLESALE 1,001 $ 94.00 $ 94,094.00 $ .32 $ 320.32 $  .00 $  .00 $   7.19 $   7,197.19 $  86,576.49 $   86.49
TOTALS 1,001 $ 94,094.00 $ 320.32 $  .00 $   7,197.19 $  86,576.49 $   86.49

    ©Sun Belle, Inc. 2014

Sorry, but i thought what you use “clear” dhtmlx css. You have some custom css files, so we need the whole demo from you to test it.Could you procide it on with link to this topic? … pport.html

Thank you. I have sent to support a link to the demo I setup that should better demonstrate the issue. It is: … =winsample


Just to clarify: do you want to move the window woth scroll?

No, I don’t need the window to move when we scroll. I just want the window to popup in the position where I specify. It’s popping up at the top of the page, even though I’m scrolled farther down the page and am specifying for it to popup way down the page. (It’s like there’s a maximum y position and anything you set higher than that doesn’t have any effect.) If the user can’t see the window popup down there when they’re scrolled down on the page, they don’t know it opened and think there’s something wrong.


In this case just add scrollTop value to Y parameter

If you look at the source on the page I sent as the example, you will see I am already doing this and it’s not working!

    mouseY = event.clientY + document.documentElement.scrollTop;

var y_pos = mouseY + 50;
alert("x: " + x_pos + ", y: " + y_pos);
popupwin = dhxWins.createWindow(“win1”, x_pos,y_pos,350,400);

Can I please get some real support on this? I feel like I’m running in circles chasing my tail.



not sure I nuderstand correctly, but let me explain some things:

  1. all windows are attached to viewport. viewport is an object on a page, by the default it is document.body, and in your demo also

  2. windows have absolute potion in viewport, so x+pos and y_pos will calculated from top-left corner of viewport (in your case it is document.body)

  3. if viewport is scolled by user - windows will scrolled with viewport (usual browsers behaviour).

  4. if you want fixed window - i.e. document.body scrolled but window still placed in the same position - yuo need to create custom viewport and set css with position:fixed to it.

there are some demos about viewports: … viewports/

regarding your request: please provide step-by-step explanation with images (current+expected behviour)

Thank you so much. That link to the examples was a big help, and I was able to get my page working correctly.