so I’ve got a button that does the following based on an onclick event:

function openWin() {
var myWins = new dhtmlXWindows({
image_path: “Images/dhtmlx/”,
skin: “dhx_terrace”
id: “my1”,
left: 20,
top: 30,
width: 900,
height: 600,
center: true,
resize: true

myWins.window('my1').setText("Window Title - My");
myWins.attachObject("objMy"); //this throws an error - not a function


My Content

show custom content

I’ve looked at some of the documentation and can’t get the window to load the contents of a div tag.

Also, the close button is hidden by default; how do i get it to be visible?

found the reason for the missing icons

I’ve noticed that when I open the window and close it, the parent window - where the new window was launched is now locked. I have the open button at the bottom of the parent window and when i close it, i can’t scroll back to the top.

any ideas?

resolved the loading of the div

why does opening the window not allow the parent page to scroll?


that’s depend on your viewport config. by the default it has overflow:hidden attr, you can read more here … ngviewport