Windows-1250 encoding and Connector/ Dataprocessor for ASP

Having problems with special characters in windows-1250 characterset I found that Connector.asp render is not creating XML header. Problem resolved with the addition of one line to sub output_as_xml(res).

[code] private sub output_as_xml(res)

    Response.ContentType = "text/xml"
    Response.write("<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""" & encoding & """?>") 'added		
    Response.Write start
    m_event.trigger "beforeOutput",""
    Response.Write output
    Response.Write end_                 
end sub[/code]

Remains the problem od database updates with special characters.
I have following inclusions.



But problems remain. For example Рis saved the the databas (MS SQL Server with proper collation) as Đ.

Please advice.

During dataprocessor initialization try to add


Which will disable utf-8 escaping, which may be the reason of the problem.
Also, issue may be caused by collation in DB ( the safe way, to work correctly with custom encoding - use all scripts and DB with same encoding|collation )

it works!
Thans, valko.