Windows and hidden containers


We’re trying to attach a dhtmlXWindows viewport to a hidden container, and then creating windows inside of it. When the hidden container is displayed however, it is seemingly empty.

I have attached an example exposing this behaviour. Uncommenting the “setSkin” line makes the windows appear, but the window appears at position (0, 0) instead of (500, 300).

So the two issues are:

  1. the window does not appear when the hidden container is shown.
  2. when uncommenting the “setSkin” line, the window does appear, but at the wrong position.

Are there any workarounds/fixes for these issues?

We are using dhtmlx v2.5 pro 91111. (618 Bytes)


you should make the viewport visible and then a window can be created:

document.getElementById(“foo”).style.display = “”;

var w1 = dhxWins.createWindow(“w1”,500,300,200,200);