Windows - content hyperlinks, in attachedURL page, trigger p

I am using a dhmtlxWindow and attaching a url, which is a text page that contains hyper links to subsections of the same page. Basically, the page has links that direct the user to sections within the same page/url and back again to the top of the page. Pretty basic.

When clicking on the hype link,the dhmtlxWindow loses the header (so no buttons are available to work with), and the entire layout also loses its “header” which is a menu (which is attached to a layout). The problem is unique to IE 7. Google and FF work properly.

It appears both layout (in full-screen mode) and the window containing the text doc simply shift up (when clicking on hyper link), eliminating any viewing of the header/top area (about the size of window header). This problem might be related to a similar sizing problem that I submitted via separate question on 18 Apr 2009.

I have tried a less complex document, comprised of just a few simple hyper links, anchors and text to see if the underlying doc might be the problem. The simple document generated the same problem in IE 7.

How can I fix this?



Could you please provide the sample that demonstrates the issue ?

I am not sure if this problem is related to another error I am encountering.   I have responded to that post, at … 34&a=14440 - and await a response. I have isolated the error, but not a solution.  Once that problem is resolved, I will test to see if that resolves this problem.   It the root cause of this problem appears unrelated to the other, I will send the necessary files.


>> I am not sure if this problem is related to another error I am encountering.

Possibly it is. But if the sample and comments, that we sent as the answer to … 34&a=14440, didn’t solve the issue, please, provide the sample.