Windows theme based combo


I have implemented the dhtml combo for some of my requirements…Now it looks like the theme on the windows is classic and the combo images look gray where as i have an xp based image…How do u ask me to toggle the image based on the client system’s theme…Your valuable suggestion is really required…

thanx in advance


property combo.DOMelem_button return image object. So, you can set the src to it:

combo.DOMelem_button.src = [image_path];

Wat you have said i have already done…

In the _DrawHeaderButton function i have the following code


var z=document.createElement(‘img’);

z.classname = (self.rtl)?‘dhtml_combo_img_rtl’:‘dhx_combo_img’;


z.alt=“some text”;





Well this code work perfect for me…

My question here is i get the image wat i have placed… But How do i change the image based on the windows XP theme…The dropdowns icon have different colors based on theme…where as the image i have will remain always same… So how do i dynamically change the icon image basedon the windows XP theme… Your suggestion is valuable to us…


Thanx in advance.


>> But How do i change the image based on the windows XP theme

Combo doesn’t provide a built-in functionality to do that.

Yeah i looked at the documentation… Looking for any suggestions and idea so that i can start codin myself…