Windows: Unknown runtime error with aspx pages

Hi Alexandra,

I’m trying to open a window and load a aspx page but I keep getting “Unknown runtime error” in dhtmlxcontainer.js on line 985.

I troubleshoot to where I will get that error message if the aspx has a form in it.

Here is a link to project where you can test it out.

Can you see if there is a fix or a workaround this? Unfortunately removing the form isn’t an option.

Thanks in advance for your help. (125 KB)

I forgot to mention that I have the latest version and this only happens in ie. It seams to work fine in firefox.


w1.attachURL(“WithForm.aspx”, true);

attachURL(url,true) loads page using Ajax and places content as innerHTML. WithForm.aspx is html page with doctype, html, body and other page tags.

Try using w1.attachURL(“WithForm.aspx”); or WithForm.aspx page should contain only tags tags that can be places as innerHTML.

Wow, you guys thought of everything.

Thanks for your help.