wordpress and scheduler 3.0

Have any one upgraded to scheduler 3.0 in exsiting wordpress calendar plugin?

Hi, there is no plugin version with updated scheduler.
You might try to replace scheduler files in wordpress/wp-content/plugins/event-calendar-scheduler/codebase/

Don’t forget to make backup before updating.

Thanks radymo… i tried your advice and it worked…

and the mobile version could not be invoked from within the plugin… i changed the javascript to scheduler_mobile.js and also loaded relevant css. Any ideas?

Mobile scheduler it’s another application and has another configurations. So it can’t be used instead of usual desktop scheduler.

Thanks Radyno… i made an edit in scheduler, and would load the mobile version of scheduler, based on User Agent String. It was working partly fine. and the data is updated in the server too. I am facing alignment issues, and the UI is always extending beyond the screen. but nevertheless, we can use the same scheduler plugin for mobile version too.

Hi senra

Some details to syncro data?