Wordpress Plugin - Export to PDF

Is it possible to edit the footer in the calendar when exporting it to PDF? Also, when searching for the code to edit; I found the following code listed below. It appears to me that when exporting the calendar to a PDF file it hits DHTMLX’s site to create the PDF file. Is this correct or am I wrong? I hope I am wrong because I find this to be a huge security risk as I am using it on internal company website and we do NOT want anybody outside our building access to our information. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Line 906: if ($settings[‘settings_pdf’] == ‘true’) {
Line 907: $scheduler .= "scheduler.config.export_.pdf_url = "http://dhtmlxscheduler.appspot.com/export/pdf";";
Line 907: $scheduler .= "scheduler.config.export_.pdf_url = "http://dhtmlxscheduler.appspot.com/export/pdf";";
Line 908: $scheduler .= “scheduler.config.export_.pdf_mode = “color”;”;

One last thing, it appears something is broken with the search feature of dhtmlx.com, everytime I tried searching with “PDF” it populated no results.

it hits DHTMLX’s site to create the PDF file
By default - yes, but we are providing source code of pdf-export.
So you can grab necessary version ( php, java, .net ) and install it on your own server.

I am reading the instructions on docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtmlxscheduler:pdf; do these instructions also apply to the Wordpress plugins?

Under “Necessary includes” it states:
“On the scheduler page you need to include one more extension”

<script src="codebase/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_pdf.js"></script>

Where is the scheduler page?

you should locate export script at your server. After that you will have a link to export.
After that you should add in wp-content/plugins/event-calendar-scheduler/scheduler_include.html the follow code:

scheduler.config.export_.pdf_url = "http://dhtmlxscheduler.appspot.com/export/pdf";

and write your local export url instead of dhtmlxscheduler.appspot.com/export/pdf.

Is there such a simple possibility for Joomla too ?

yes, scheduler_include.html location is: