Wordpress Scheduler Permissions & view

Hi guys,

just wanted to say this is the best calendar plugin in the wordpress community and love the look and feel of it!

however i have just a few things i need to tweak before i can use it live.

  1. permissions arent working properly for me. it sees subscribers as guest! (setting the guest permissions is only way it affects subcribers)

  2. also when i give view permissions works great and they can view the details of events but when i give view AND add they can add and can see other entries in the scheduler/calendar but cant view the details of them.

  3. i want to stop double booking so if a times been booked you cant add an entry at the same time i.e if someone adds an entry thats from 10:30 til 12:30 you cant book an event at that time!

  4. can we add a title to the event because all i have is description atm. and it’d be nice to have a short tile then a description once you got into the event details/lightbox
    If i can get this sorted it will be the perfect plugin to add to my website!

I’ve tried different themes and deactivated plugins to make sure nothing is conflicting but with no joy. any suggestions?

thank you


Currently we preparing updates for WP plugin, which will update js codebase to scheduler 2.2 and adds some extra abilities. ( it will be released in May 2010 )

Which version of WP you are using?
Is some user-management plugins were installed?

Scheduler 2.2 supports such mode, so after updating codebase it will be possible to use in scheduler’s plugin as well.

One of extra abilities, which will be in the updated version of plugin - ability to add custom fields, so you will be able to have multiple custom fields , and define, which from them will be used in event’s rendering.


was just wondering whether there’s an eta on the 2.2 plugin for wordpress?

thanks all

Will be released on the next week ( all is ready for release, we just have waited for new skin-builder launching )
If you need it ASAP - drop an email to the support@dhtmlx.com