Wordpress - Sidebar in Private Mode

Hello. I recently updated my wordpress plugin from 2.0 to the version on this site which is newer so that I could use the Private Mode. The main calendar is working great with Private Mode but the sidebar isn’t working with Private Mode.

I was using the sidebar widget in the 2.0 version (Oncoming Events). I don’t think this was updated when I upgraded because it still says Oncoming Events instead of Upcoming Events like I see discussed in this forum and as shown in sidebar.php. Also, it shows all the open events for all users instead of just the current users events like I’d expect with Private Mode turned on.

Is there something else I need to do?




The name of the sidebar widget is Oncoming events, that’s correct.

Yes, we can confirm this problem, this is not expected behavior. Issue will be fixed in the upcoming version.

Best regards,

OK. What would be the timeframe on the next veresion?

Thank you for the quick response, Ilya.