Work with scheduler event in backoffice (crontab)


I use the scheduler in my front, and the data is save in my database, it’s work fine.

The calandar is used to save the disponibility of my activity. I have over 400 activity with each a calandar different.

Now, in my backoffice, I need to identify the number of event of each activity that is set for the futur, in 3 month, in 6 month, in 9 month, in 12 month. And if the number is too low, I must go on activity and add some new event.

I have a lot of activity that she haven’t some disponibility, and it’s difficult to identify individualy each activity.

I would like run a script in crontab on my server to identify this activity. But I dont know how to make it !

I think to create a server nodejs, but I don’t found how to create an object scheduler …

Are you an idea to get this information, on server side ?


Hello Jerome,

Currently, dhtmlxScheduler is only compatible with the browser environment and you can’t use it on the backend.

Thus, you’ll need to work with the data directly - read the database table and select events by dates.
It gets more difficult if you use recurring events since they are stored in a special format
and there is no simple way of getting dates/times of individual occurrences of recurring series in nodejs.

If you use ASP .NET Core, there is a helper library for recurring events

Otherwise, you’ll need to parse recurring series manually.
We don’t have any instructions on how to do it, other than a general description of the format of the recurring event