Working Hours on a Timeline which spans on 48 hours.


I am struggling with the Timeline view in order to implement the following business case : display multiple resources in a Timeline which spans on 2 days (48 hours) and hide “night hours” (as those people happen to sleep). This scenario is very similar to Working Week. Fitting my Timeline on a single day is working fine, but I would definitely like to make it displays the next 2 days.

At this point, I managed to implement the following view :

My objective is to delete/remove those cells highlighted in yellow. I tried the css display: none, but it does meet my requirement (cells are empty, but still there). I suspect that I need to leverage something similar to what is documented in “Custom View” section ( … stom_views) and especially the “” override. But Timeline view seems to no support that.

Any idea?
Thanks in advance


The screenshot is available on


It is not possible in current version, you can apply different styling to them, but you can’t fully hide them.

OK, thanks for the reply. Any chance you are thinking of integrating this feature into dhtmlxScheduler’s roadmap?



Yep, we have plans to include non linear time scales in one of next versions.
Unfortunately I can’t provide exact date yet ( most probably it will be available in Spring-Summer 2013 )