Working in FF but not in IE, please help


the attached html code is working in FF and chrome. but not in IE8.

the first error:
Line: 1
Character: 1
Code: 0
Error Message: Syntax error

the second error when i use dhtmlxchart_debug.js:

Line: 342
Character: 3
Code: 0
Error Message: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101.

please help. Many thanks.
plot1.rar (759 Bytes)


we have not reproduced the problem with the latest chart (3.0). Did you try to use the latest chart ?

yes, I just downloaded from the website. …

attached error screenshot

attached the js files I used.
dhtmlxchart.rar (54.2 KB)

We have not reproduced the problem. The screenshot is attached (54.6 KB)

Try to change your code and init component from onload handler.
Similar issue can occur in IE, in some cases, when you init component while document is not fully rendered yet.