Working with half-days only


I am new to DXHTML framework and bought it to set up a scheduler for a customer.
I use only one view :
TIMELINE + render = tree
Connector to mysql db

Me need is quite simple, i need to insert the projects of the different employe by half day block only, meaning events event can only be from two types :
They should begin at 8h or 14h and the duration has to be fixed at 4 hours.
Events are manually created by the users clikcing on the scheduler, so they can choose 8 or 14h but I didnt manage to find a good configuration with all the different options (time_step, event_duration, etc…) .
How to force the duration of an event to 4hours (not only the display, but the real data set in the database) ?

thank you

There is no straightforward approach for this, but such functionality can be done via some coding.
You’ll need to dynamically manage event time - setting start time on creation and correct it after drag and drop, removing unnecessary time selectors from the lightbox, or implementing a custom selector.
Please check this example and tell if you have any questions: