Works dhxTouch in IE? I think no...

I need to work with Windows Mobile and i found that the library doesn’t works fine. I see in the source code sentences like (for example) etc. but not sentences like e.srcElement.className and IE doesn’t support it (Yes…IE isn’t w3c…).
Are you going to do something about it?

It works in IE9 - so it will work with Windows Phone OS
We do not plan to support old versions of Windows Mobile

Are you sure? :slight_smile:
I have been Debugging with ie9 a simple example, and there are some errors like className is null. I think that the problem appears when i use the css tag becouse IE doesn’t understand

The error:

if (element && element.touchable && (! ||“dhx_view”)!==0)){

I bring you a file with an example.
example.rar (701 Bytes)

I solved it like this:
_touchstart :function(e){
if (t._disabled) return;

	t._start_context = t._get_context(e);

	if (t._scroll[0] || t._scroll[1]) 
		t._stop_scroll(e, t._scroll[0]?"x":"y");
		t._long_touch_timer = window.setTimeout(t._long_touch, t.config.longTouchDelay);
	var element = dhx.ui.get(e);
    var oClassName = null;

(document.all)? oClassName = e.srcElement.className
: oClassName=;

     if (element && element.touchable && (!oClassName || oClassName.indexOf("dhx_view")!==0)){
		t._css_button_remove = element.getNode(e);


I’m not sure if you have other solution (better solution sure)
However this solution is only a idea. I’m waiting for your answer :slight_smile:


make sure that the document is shown in Standards Mode (IE9 Standards) and you are not using Quirks Mode.