would like to purchase

Hi , I have been evaluating dhtmlxGantt. I feel it is an excellent product and would like to purchase it in the immediate future. But there are 3 nagging issues that need to be sorted out.

  1. the Gantt chart should represent 24 hours instead of 8 hour workday .
  2. When the task name is long Im not able to see the full task name in the print view.
  3. The person to whom the task is assigned to must be displayed on the chart along with the task name.

If the above issues can be fixed i would be ready to buy the commercial license of dhtmlxGantt.
Please get back to me as soon as possible.

There is another requirement that I forgot to mention :-
Is it possible to export the chart in pdf or any other format where we can get a full view of the chart.

we have new method ganttChartControl.setHoursInDay(24) coming with the next version (planned for March 9th)

this is not easy to fix in the tree part, but you could add task name to the bar line using the following code: ganttChartControl.showDescTask(true,‘n’);

you should add him to the task name during chart initialization. We do not support resource name yet.

We are working on the next version of Gantt, so we really appreciate your input.

We are a current user of your Scheduler component and I’m looking at also purchasing Gantt to integrate into one of our internal tools. A key requirement for us is the ability to associate one or more Resource names with tasks. It sounds like you have that planned for your next release, do you have an ETA or additional information on when that will be a capability? I need to implement something within the next month so timing is very important for us.

Next release will be 5th of July, but it will not include resources handling. Will be the next one. Simple resource handling can be implemented with Javascript code (add a menu, use task name for resource like “Repair CD (Tom)” and then parse it). We plan to add it internally, together with other custom fields, next.

Could you post an example of this code?

Any word on the resources? Can resources be assigned? Will it support multiple resources per task?

resources could be implemented with javascript, we do not have sample code for that yet.

Is there plans to write a sample?

no, we will integrate resources support into the chart, so there will be another sample.

Ok, when do you plan on integrating it?

there is no fixed date yet.

Just wondering if there was an update in adding resources. Also I hope you will allow to add more than 1 resource per item.

Newbie questions (still evaluating)

  1. Multiple items on a task line where we have recurring tasks,e.g. every week status report.
  2. Duration Scale - Can I bring it down smaller than a Month.
  1. recurring tasks not supported
  2. currently not, but will be possible soon.