"Wraping the option text in dhtmlxcombo"


As per your answer I included the mentioned js (dhtmlxcombo_whp.js) file.

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … 21&a=21822

But I was getting an error that myGrid.getColumnCombo() is undefined.

I already have almost all the necessary files related to grid, menu, calender and many other

dhtmlx component on my page.

Kindly tell me which all file is needed for the solution.



>> I am using dhtmlxgrid which has dhmlxcombo as one of its column type

Do you really use “combo” excell ?

In this case you should include dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js, dhtmlxcombo.js and dhtmlxcombo.css files too.

Method getColumnCombo is method of the “combo” excell.