Wrong cell format (String -> number) on excel


I’m having an issue when exporting my datas using .toExcel() function.

The problem is that I have Strings (rotxt columns) containing numbers like “00023” but it shows as “23” on excel.
So ,is there a way to indicate or maybe “escape” my String to make it appear with String format on Excel.

I’m using 3.6 pro version.

Tell me if I haven’t been clear.

Thanks in advance.

Which version of export you are using, PHP, Java or .Net ?

I’m using the java version from end of 2013. has it been fixed during 2014 ?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I saw a fix for the php solution on an other subject. Is there one for Java?

Please try to update your version with the attached one.
java-export-grid-src.zip (13.2 KB)

Thank you,it is already better.

It would be better if we could indicate that a column will be in text or number format.

Note for other users:
This version converts every number cells to text using the 'number notation so it comes back to its number value when editing the cell.

Thanks again Stanislav for your help and quick replies :slight_smile:


I also got same problem and I am using .Net version. All my string becomes number. I used “ro” column type. I have data like ‘00001’ but data becomes ‘1’ when export to excel. I am using pro version 5.0.

Thank you.

Please, try to use the fix attached in this thread.

Dear Sematik,

From what I see,the attached one is java version. I am using .net version. Did I miss out anything? Can you please help me attached the latest .net version?

Thank you.

oh. My bad.
Please, open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com with the fix request.