wrong charset from SQLdb embbeded tabbar.setContentHTML

Hi everybody,

I am trying to update the content of a tabbar.cell by providing HTML content generated by a .php script. My problem is that the charset enconding of all characters comming from the database request is wrong.

I have configured the MySQL database to use the “latin1_spanish_ci” enconding in all tables and MySQL connections. The of the HTML file where the dhtmlxLayout and dhtmlxTabbar objects are embedded is:

¿Any clues? ¿What am I doing wrong? Many thanks in advance!!


Hi all,

I have good news: I fixed the problem myself simply by using:

myTabbar.setContentHref(“tabId”, url);

instead of:

myTabbar.setContentHTML(“tabid”, HTMLString);

I am not sure why I see this behaviour, but I think it may be a good idea to post this just in case it is of any help to anyone.