Wrong date in title when in week-unit view with multiple col


I’m testing the dhtmlxScheduler and it is a great component.
I’m using the week-unit view, in order to show the lessons we have in some classrooms during a week.

The problem is shown in the pictures attached.
The week goes from September the 28th and October the 4th, and when only a classroom is shown, the title is ok: “28 Set 2015 - 04 Oct 2015”

But if I select two or more classrooms, thus there are more that one columns per day, the title is not correct anymore.
We have “28 Set 2015 - 11 Oct 2015” and “28 Set 2015 - 18 Oct 2015”

Thank you for your help.


it is a known issue, should have been fixed in latest version.
Please PM me your license number or open a ticket in our support system, we’ll send you an update