wrong event section in multiday unit view

Hello ,

we are currently using scheduler v4.3.17 commercial licence.

and our clients started complaining about an issue where the events are created in the wrong section.
for example i click section “b” it get created in “c” or “d”.
i found out that the event during it’s creation doesnt have the section id so to fix it i added this line to the function scheduler.addEventNow

base.id = this._drag_id = this.uid(); var pr = this._props[this._mode]; if(pr && e){ base[this._props[this._mode].map_to] = this.getActionData(e).section ; }
now the event is created where it should . but there’s a new issue , if we create a view unit that has 7 days 7 units , the event is created in wrong section , i think there’s is a problem with the way how it’s calculated ,
i tracked the issue to the function scheduler[“mouse_”+ name] = function(pos){ //mouse_coord handler in dhtmlxscheduler_units.js.

this issue is also in v4.3.35.

[code]<!doctype html>

Multiday Units view html, body{ margin:0px; padding:0px; height:100%; overflow:hidden; }

please check the video .
Thank you.

fixed the issue , some columns were missing 1px (37px others 38px ) the issue was in this line column = x_pos / width;

[code]scheduler._get_column_index = function(x_pos) {
var column = 0;
if (this._cols) {

    var width = 0;
    for (var i = 0; i < this._cols.length && !width; i++) {
        width = this._cols[i];

    if (width) {
        //column = x_pos / width; 
        // youssef : not accurate way to calculate sections , sometimes 1px is missing
        var x = 0;
        for(var j=0; this._cols.length ;j++){
            if( x <= x_pos ){
                x+= this._cols[j];
              column = j;

    } else {
        column = 0;

    if (this._ignores)
        for (var i = 0; i <= column; i++)
            if (this._ignores[i])
return column;


what do you think of this solution ?

here’s the issue , to recreate the bug all you have to do is create 7 days and 5 or 7 units .