Wrong Menucolors usinf SkinBuilder


I´m not sure if I´m right here because it seems a problem of skinbuilder but it happens only in the module dhtmlxMenu - so I place it here.

If I create a skin (see attachment) for menu the selected backgroup color is OK, also the shortcut foregroup text but for the normal menutext a wrong color ist.

For unselected menuitem both the shortcut and also the itemtextcolor is wrong.

You can see this directly in the preview in skinbuilder.

I know that I can change it directly in the css but I don´t want to do so because in case of updates it´s a nughtmare to set all changes inside the updated css.


I’ve fixed items’ text for sub_menues (you can try it online now), not sure regarding other cases.
Could you please draw thick red arrows on a screenshot pointing me to problematic places? :slight_smile:

Works fine now.

by the way: is there a difference between the dhtml.css in standard and PRO Edition?

yes, little little

And what css is build by the skin builder - standard or PRO???

for PRO