Wrong section on row click


I’ve found an anomaly when double clicking on the highlighted area.


onBeforeEventChanged is giving me ‘Linda Trump-Brown’.

I expect ‘Mary Elizabeth Taylor Brown’.

Any way to patch this?


This problem occurs because you have set too low value of ‘dx’ property in createTimelineView method, that is why the height of the sections is calculated incorrectly (and also of other cells).

Try to change this value:


Yes, I know the reason for this error, I intentionally narrowed down the width to illustrate the problem :wink: . I believe the length of the string should not make an impact to the basic scheduler behavior. Is this something you’re going to tackle or shoul I solve it myself?



it’s not a bug, it is expected behaviour in this case.

These two parts should have the same height:
image.prntscr.com/image/c79d955e … 6d307d.png
According to your settings it can not be done, because you have more long text in labels than can fit.

To solve it I can provide next ways:

The one way to show cells correctly with your settings of createTimelineView is change font-size of labels. But it is totally unacceptable, you can see why:

The best solution that I can find for this situation:
Requires changes of folder_dy, dx and dy properties and also CSS styles.

I think the ‘origin of evil’ is height: auto; from

.dhx_matrix_cell div, .dhx_matrix_scell div { overflow: hidden; text-align: center; height: auto; }
And a combination of floating .dhx_scell_expand .dhx_scell_name

I was hoping for a standard solution(tree timeline patch) something like: http://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/cd20b894
Of course, widths and heights should be calculated internally, according to dx, dy configuration.