xAxis labels are printed to far left and title to far down

I am trying to create a “bar” chart dynamically on my web page. The chart is shown correctly, but the xAxis labels (template) and title are not displayed correctly. The Labels are to far left and the title is to far down. In fact it is not shown anymore, but when I debug the dom, I can see that the

for the title is outside the origional
for the chart.

Here is what I basically do:

this.chart =  new dhtmlXChart({
	view: this.view, // "bar"
	container: this.element,
	value: "#sales#",
//	label: "#year#",
	xAxis : {
		lines: false,
		template: "#year#",
		title: "Years"
	yAxis: {
		lines: true


var data = [
        	{ sales:2.9, year:"2010" },
        	{ sales:3.5, year:"2011" },
           	{ sales:9.5, year:"2012" },
             { sales:7.6, year:"2013" }

Any Ideas

Locally it is shown correctly. Could you provide an image with your chart dysplay issue?