xChart label overlaps on xForm combo and Calendar

Hi guys,

I’m expérimenting a strange thing…
On a page i initialize a form then a chart (works both ways)
and when using a calendar or a combo, Labels from charts get over the combo and user interaction goes to xChart and not xForm

Didn’t find any workaround on the forum
Do anyone experiment this ?

Thanks !

Dhtmlx version : Standard Edition v.4.2

Seems to be a z-index issue
Chart’s labels are on z-index 1000
and Calendar popup and Combo on z-index 205
when change at 2000 works great

How to fix globally ?
Local css fix ?

Thanks !

Here’s a quick fix for the skyblue theme

.dhtmlxcalendar_dhx_skyblue, div.dhxcombolist_dhx_skyblue { z-index: 2000 !important; }

It seems like you found the best solution: sometimes z-index solves such issue if you use dhtmlx controls with any other frameworks