xGrid Expert

I built a Joomla site for a small company a couple of years ago.
One of the features required displaying the contents of a regularly changing Excel sheet.
I couldn’t find a good component for this so I hired a coder to make it work.

His pages worked great until IE 9 came along.
He is no longer around to help.

In looking at his code, I see he used xGrid.

I need someone who knows this app to help upgrade and fix our current install so that the site works in IE9 (Still works fine in IE8, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari)

I don’t have the time or bandwidth to learn this.




This issue has been fixed at the latest version version of dhtmlxGrid. Please check dhtmlx.com/blog/?p=604

I actually installed a hotfix that I found and it seems to have fixed it.

Thanks for the heads-up