xMenu SkyBlue

Why is he xMenu DHX_SkyBlue menu bar grey instead of sky blue? Looks out of place with the other modules.

The skin with sky blue background is attached.

It contains css classes for all dhtxml components.

new_skin.zip (35.8 KB)

We plan to release skin-builder app in nearest time, so you will be able to adjust any colors in the skin to your needs

Sweet.  Thank you.

What about the rest of the themes?  Mainly xWindows.  I saw somewhere they were available for download on the site, but can’t find them.

Each module has a "standard"entry but very few work.  A standard grey for all modules would be nice.  

And if an invalid skin name was specified, don’t show the error message, default to standard.


Actually, do you have just a new skyblue xMenu skin file?  I am not using the libcompiler at the moment.


No, we don’t. But you can set the necessary background-color as you need.

You can redefine the dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_Middle class in the dhtmlxmenu_dhx_skyblue.css as follows:

.dhtmlxMenu_dhx_skyblue_Middle {

position: relative;
height: 24px;
border: none;
/background-color: #ebebeb;/
background-color: #eaf2fb;
-moz-user-select: none;

I updated the xMenu skin file to look just like the xToolbar.  I am using xToolbar’s background gif in 3 places.  Maybe make a copy of it for xMenu?


dhtmlxmenu_dhx_skyblue.rar (1.71 KB)