Is there a way to generate the XML that this code renders, in an MVC Action without loading a view?

var xml = this.Server.UrlDecode(this.Request.Form["mycoolxmlbody"]);

I am trying to write a scheduled task that calls a users schedules and emails them their timesheet for the week as a PDF.

unfortunately no.
This xml is generated on the client side and strongly relies on the html layout of the calendar (number of columns, visual positions of events, etc.).
You can generate simplified pdf reports - like simple list of events for a certain dates - relatively easy manually by using API of pdf lib. That would require load events for the data range you want to export and manually draw all lines/boxes/labels in pdf. Current pdf tool comes with the source codes which you can use for the reference.
This can be implemented with a reasonable amount of effort, while redrawing a complex calendar layout such as day/month/week views would require quite a lot of work.

Hmm ok thanks I’ll have to rethink this, or come up with an alternative solution.

Cheers for the information.