Xml parse not working on IE9 when not in compatibility mode

we think we have discovered a bug with dhtmlx when running IE9

Try your example: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxD … e_xml.html
when not in compatibility mode.


we have reproduced the problem. Please try to use attached file instead of the original.

Where is the attached file?

sorry here it is
dhtmlxdataview.zip (12.9 KB)

Thank you very much… We will test it out on our issues and get back to you if there are any further problems.


Well we just tested it on our stuff and then we took yours but pointed the javascript file to our server and it still does not work. Can you tell us what we are doing different? Thanks

any thoughts on this?

please try attached
dhtmlxdataview.zip (12.9 KB)

This does not work either, please try the following from our server using IE9 not in compatibility mode… make sure to clear your caches

sandbox.ahasystems.com/dhtmlx_2. … e_xml.html

My mistake it is appearing to work sorry for the inconvenienc

I am having the same issue with graphs. Pies and bars are showing up blank.
They work fine in other browsers or with compatibility mode enabled but come up blank on IE9.

When hen using a DataView we needed to add this line for certain jsps

Hope this helps.

I found that too. I did already have it but thanks.

Pie and Bar graphs still don’t work in IE unless they are running in compatibility mode. Maybe this snippet will help…

... var bar_medium15, w15; ... w15= dhxWins.createWindow("w15", 1 , 1 , 100 , 100); bar_medium15 = dhxWins.window('w15').attachChart({view:"barH",container:"bar_medium15_div",value:"#C_value#",label:"#name#",barInnerText:"#C_value#",gradient:"3d",padding: { right: 200 }}); ...

var url = ‘[URL TO DATA]’;
var loader = dhtmlxAjax.getSync(url);
bar_medium15.parse(loader.xmlDoc.responseText ,‘xml’);

Pie and Bar graphs still don’t work in IE

Could you attach the complete demo

I’m experiencing the same issue. But I’ve made some changes to the dataview_debug.js: the problem with the columns for instance and some others. So I can’t just switch to the offered file. Can you tell which changes did you make to make it work with IE9?

Thanks in advance
Daisy :slight_smile: